Jim CurnynThe photographic seed was planted in photographer Jim Curnyn at age twelve.  While watching “The Bob Cummings Show” (the TV story of a photographer) in 1957 he was so impressed when during the opening credits to the show a blank sheet of photographic paper was placed into a tray of developer and an image appeared.  He turned to his father and said “I have to do that”. The next Christmas he received a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera, contact printer, film tank, and chemicals and was taught to develop film and contact print.

Photography interest soon went dormant due to all the activities of life unfolding: education, military duty, career, raising a family. However, deeply buried in him was the seed of photography which sprouted later in life.  At age 48 he started his formal education of photography at Fresno City College and joined Spectrum Art Gallery.  He involved himself with board of director duties and organized group photographic exhibitions in a traveling show venue.  Taking the art works of Spectrum Art Gallery members out into the public to promote photography as an art form, exhibits included  Fresno City Hall, Fresno Art Museum, Merced Multicultural Museum, Tulare Art Museum, Saroyan Theater, Borders Bookstore, Barns & Noble Bookstore, Bank of America, and an ongoing exhibition space at the Fresno County Fair.

Book cover “Sounds the Living Make” by D. James Smith
Fresno City College??™s  “City Essayist” 1997 with cover photograph. 
Fresno City College Calendar 1997
San Joaquin River Parkway  land acquisition proposal

Fresno County Fair - numerous awards – 1996 to 2000
Fresno City College Art Space Gallery – 1995 to 1997
Poster artist  for Public Broadcasting Station  TV channel 18 auction 2001

Donations to local entities:
Carden School – Central Calif Aids Foundation – Planned Parenthood – San Joaquin River Parkway – Public TV channel 18 auctions – Teen Challenge – Focus Forward Serving Fresno County Youth
Shows solo: Fresno City Hall 2010
Strands Salon of Fresno: Benefit to Red Cross Haitian Earth Quake Relief Fund-2010
University of California Center Fresno 1999
Creative Mode Gallery 1999

Shows group: Fresno Art Museum, Spectrum Gallery – Fresno City Hall – Ansel Adams Gallery Yosemite – Merced Multicultural Museum – Fresno Art Museum – Tulare Art Museum – Saroyan Theater – Borders Bookstore – Barnes&Noble Bookstore – Bank of America Tower Branch – Madden Library CSUF – President??™s Gallery CSUF – Circle Gallery Madera – David Ashcraft Gallery 2002 – Quady Winery 2003 – Fresno City Hall Preservation Exhibition 2004 – La Boulangerie French Bakery 2007

Private Installations:
Fidelity National Title Company – Fresno
Fulton Coffee Company – Fresno

Public Installations:
5th District Court of Appeals
Fresno County Mental Health – Heritage Foundation
Fresno Superior Court – BF Sisk Building
Fresno Water Tower 
Sierra Vista Mall

Art Fairs:

Numerous annual local art fairs

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